Cool Things I looked at

Cool Things I Looked at This Week

Here’s a review of the cool things I looked at this week.

While continuing to fit curtains for the house, I caught up on many podcasts.

TED Talks Education — though I’ve found that my android podcaster is sorely out of date for these:

I discovered that The Guardian has a monthly family podcast.  I see myself digging through archives in upcoming months.  I gave a listen to:

NPR’s Fresh Air

  • Better Call Saul (Feb 6 2015) – I wonder if we’ll get to see the Breaking Bad spin-off here in England?
  • Bradley Cooper (Feb 2 2015) – Cooper talks about filming American Sniper and his role in the broadway version of The Elephant Man.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch (Jan 21 2015) – because… yanno… deep down, we’re all cumberbitches.
  • How Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ Led A Radical Muslim To Moderation (Jan 15 2015) – what an amazing journey for Maajid Nawaz, who will be running for MP for the Liberal Democrats this year.

TED Radio Hour on NPR

  • Keeping Secrets – I found Frank Warren’s story to be so very touching and human and I also enjoyed Ash Beckham’s portion of the show.
  • Brand Over Brain – I especially enjoyed Rory Sutherland’s contributions to this topic.

And of course… Rachel Maddow.

Cool Things off of Facebook…

  • C14 – First Lego League 2015 UK Champions, composed of all Home Educated Children, were presented their prize by the Secretary for Education Nicky Morgan.  Here’s their interview on YouTube.  They’re off to St. Louis later this year to compete at the Lego World Festival.
  • MindShift: How Do Unschoolers Turn Out?  I had actually read this one a while back, but it was making the rounds again, so well worth mentioning.

I hadn’t been spending very much time on Facebook, admittedly.

Things that found their way into my Email Inbox:

  • Nature Works Everywhere had a virtual African Safari this past week.
  • offered some free Valentine’s theme worksheets.
  • Stanford Online will be doing an Introduction to Mathematical Thinking.  What sparked my interest about this class is that I’ve heard about children debating about mathematical concepts.  However, the way that I learned math, things were much more black and white without much room for debate– either I got the math problem right or I got it wrong.  So this has my interest as I’d like my children to have a more holistic and intuitive sense of maths rather than the numbers-on-paper experience I had.  I’ve been intending on taking a MOOC… currently enrolled in Minecraft for Educators, but have been completely absent from that.

And finally, things I dropped into my Pocket– I tend to drop things in my Pocket for later review