Cool Things I looked at

Cool Things I Looked at This Week

And here’s the review of cool things I looked at this week.

  • Uh… a lot of Rachel Maddow of course!
  • NPR TED Radio Hour
    • 7 Deadly Sins – admittedly titillating and provocative
    • How We Love – and I especially enjoy where the program talked about non-romantic love, like love for a sibling… in fact, the portion talking about the bonds between brothers and sisters is what stuck with me the most.
  • I continued my catch up of The Guardian’s Family Podcast, October 2010 episode Childhood Freedom which included a sensible discussion around how much freedom and responsibility should we give our kids… how do we know? Etc. I think a lot of non-parents who have opinions about parenting should give this one a listen.

I didn’t make much time for exploring new podcasts this past week because I was working on other projects.

Cool stuff off of Facebook… uh, its been less than cool on Facebook

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