Week 6 Recap

Taking a cue from a home education mommy friend of mine, I think I’ll count our weeks… We’re still deep in de-schooling though I did set up a writing desk for A and my 6 year old netbook that I’ve been holding on to so that the kids can have at when they’re old enough for computing.  A turns 4 this week.  We’ve been encouraging him to take more responsibility for taking care of himself and he’s been blossoming with the new responsibilities, which for him seems to equate more opportunities to feel accomplished.

Outside of that, friends have pitched in and brought to us a huge stack of books that I still need to incorporate into our library.  They all look age appropriate and very inviting.  The kids were also thrilled to get new (to them) child sized chairs, when paired with nested tables make the perfect chair and table set.  Its adorable watching children love things that are built to be just their size.

This next week is going to be mostly preparing for A’s birthday party on Saturday.