Well, he finally asked…

So we’ve been deschooling and I had been looking for signs of readiness in A.  He finally gave me some signs in the form of a temper tantrum yesterday afternoon.  Yes, he is bored.  Yes, he’d like a more structured day.  Well, okay then.

Today, we worked on his numbers.  I pulled out a counting puzzle.

A and his counting puzzle
A and his counting puzzles

We matched the cards for 1 to 10.  Then he seemed to want to continue on… though he did figure out that the colors on the matching cards were the same, so we had to change up the game a bit.

A and his counting puzzle
A counts to 5.
A and his counting puzzle
A counts to 14.

A would match the colors of the card to know what he was counting to and then I had him do the counting.  He managed all of the way to 100 with some coaching– its been about 2 months since he last tried counting that high.  I took a video for reference later and let him review the video of himself counting to 100… he just loves watching himself played back on my phone.  I guess it doesn’t hurt so long as it reinforces the learning.

It was about 20 minutes of focused work for A, which is a lot to ask of a 4 year old.  So he chilled out and watched some television while I got some chores done.  After showering and dressing, A asked to go to the park.

A on his scooter
A on his scooter, identifying birds and dinosaurs

On the way to the park, he was keen on practicing his ‘Stop-Look-and-Listen’, pausing for cars as they passed by.  When he arrived at the park, A started playing out the role of Andy from Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, identifying the birds that he knew and then calling the ones that he didn’t know ‘ornithocheirus‘.

A on his scooter
A referring to his ‘gizmo’

You can see A referring to his ‘gizmo’ for the different bird and ‘dinosaur’ species.

After having a nasty accident on his scooter about two weeks ago where he busted open his nose, A was taking scooting very slowly and carefully this morning.

A on his scooter
A on his scooter

We spotted an old nursery friend of A’s in the park and learned that he lived just around the corner, so hopefully we’ll meet again soon at the park and the boys can play.

A led me straight to the playground and we played counting games while I pushed him on the swings and on the merry-go-round.  Then I overheard him counting to himself as he made his way all around the jungle gym.

A doing chores
A doing chores

When he asked to come home, we had some lunch and then A volunteered to sweep up all of the crumbs off the floor.  He’s getting really handy with that electric broom!

This afternoon was more freeform.  A played on his computer, watching videos from CBeebies website while I tried to sort out some things going wrong with our internet connection.  Later, I pulled out the white board to try him with some letters and he gladly wrote out letters A through F, though he got a little self-conscious when I tried him with some simple words.  He’s not interested in the worksheets I printed out from MathSeeds and ReadingEggs just yet.  I had also brought down some general coloring books but he didn’t take interest in those either.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.