A’s been super sweet all day… I think it’s because he knows I’m getting things set up for his birthday tomorrow.  Sneaky.

Lately A’s been asking to go on the computer first thing in the morning.  Today he asked for Reading Eggs again and I overheard him finishing a couple of lessons.  There after, he went out on the CBeebies website to go look at Duggee Rain Dance (again) and the Grandpa in My Pocket game.  We had some breakfast, did some chores and he watched a bit of television while I continued setting things up for tomorrow.  He asked for his number counting cards from Wednesday and played with those for a bit on his own and even offered to tidy up when he was finished (!).  After lunch, he hopped back on the computer again and has been on since… it’s about 1pm now.

I started looking into workboxes to see if that might be a good idea to use for A.  I’m also considering getting all of our book collection listed, using an app called Book Catalogue because we have so many books and I’d like to start developing themes that we work on.  I also purchased a new home printer today (hubby took mine to work and kept it) so that should be coming in next week and I can start downloading projects that A seems to take an interest in.  I’m interested in seeing if I can motivate A towards doing more mark making on worksheets.

I finally carved out some time for some of the MOOCs I was interested in taking to help educate me educate A better.  I’m taking Introduction to Mathematical Thinking … I’ve always been good at maths, but it’s always been procedural maths– 1 + 1 = 2 … not necessarily any of the ‘new maths’ where patterns and relationships are explored.  When it comes to natural maths, often encouraged for early years learners, I’m just not seeing the connection and I think that’s because of my own learning with just pen and paper.  So, I’m hoping to expand my horizons a bit while enabling myself to teach higher quality maths to my kids, using hands on techniques that appears clearly more like applicable math to myself.  A friend of mine had turned me on to Moebius Noodles a long time ago (its developed by a friend of his) and I don’t think I’d be able to implement it to its fullest without a more expanded understanding of mathematics.

The other MOOC I’m taking is Minecraft for Educators.  I’ve seen other home education parents rave about Minecraft as a learning tool.  I’m not completely convinced however, since I’ve gamed online quite a bit– I’m not 100% certain that it’s not all just a time sink and other methods of learning the same sort of material would be efficient.  However, I’ll never really know unless I try it out. So, we’ll see how it goes– I’m still highly skeptical, but I think it would be a disservice if I didn’t at least try it out.

Anyhow, still on the docket today: drawing dinosaurs.  He asked last night, so we’ll get started on that in just a little bit.  Have a good weekend folks!