Cool Things I looked at

Cool Things I Looked at This Week

Podcast wise, its been a Woman’s Hour week, mostly because I was interested in hearing the results of a pre-election poll that Radio 4 did regarding the issues that women who participated prioritized the highest and preliminary responses to those issues from each party as detailed by a BBC political editor.  I didn’t even make time for my usual dose of Rachel Maddow!

Cool stuff from Facebook… just one item… BHA announced today that the European Commission is re-opening its investigation as to whether or not UK faith schools are breaking EU law.

Stuff that found its way into my email inbox have been items mostly related to some of the online courses I’m currently taking:

And finally, things I dropped into my Pocket:

My list looks really whimpy week but I’m not too sad considering how much good work A and I have gotten done this past week!