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Cool Things I Looked At This Week

Podcast wise… I’ve been very slack.  Not even Rachel Maddow!  Nope… its just been the Better Call Saul Insider (vicariously living through the writers since I don’t want to subscribe to Netflix right now) and I turned the kids onto podcasting by introducing them to CBeebie’s Radio with a broadcast of an episode of Show Me Show Me, adapted as a podcast.  And it adapted pretty well… the whole family enjoyed it!

Cool stuff from Facebook…

  • There’s a solar eclipse next month— mark your calendars!
  • This is just disturbing: 50 Shades of Grey / Gandalf the Grey Mash up
  • A battery to power your home!  Just need solar panels to get cheap enough to make it worthwhile…
  • Everybody was all about The Dress this week (personally, I think its blue and gold and that they lied about the colors that they took a photo of).  People post LIES on the internet all of the time.  Here’s some more! 😉
  • A couple of weeks ago, the Atlantic posted an article called something like, ‘everything you need to know about ISIS’ or something like that.  I’ve not linked it because when I read it, I strongly disagreed with it and I’m not giving any more web traffic to poor journalism (in spite of many of my friends stating that it was ‘required reading’ before getting into any discussion about ISIS).  But a friend of mine posted a response from the New Yorker that is well worth a read.
  • A great teacher vents about working her butt off and getting no where.  To me, it read more like the problem is more with crowd control than educating… as in teachers are there FOR education, not FOR crowd control and I’d continue on a tirade about shabby funding towards investing in our future, but that’s not what ‘Cook Things I Looked At This Week’ is about.
  • And this little gem is circulating today.  NSFW as it contains strong language and sentiments any new modern parent can empathize with.  My take: social media is bad for new parents because of the unrealistic expectations placed upon them by society and family.  For cripes sake, just let a parent vent already if they need to!

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