Cool Things I looked at

Cool Things I Looked At This Week… erm… Month. Heh.

I’ve just about given up on Rachel Maddow for now.  Ah well.  Other podcasts though…

I’ve been on a Woman’s Hour fix lately.  If I’ve missed a few days, I’ll catch up.

  • There was the Women of the World festival that I listened intently to, followed up by Woman’s Hour debate on whether porn can empower women (short answer: not quite yet).
  • There was a delightful story about Julie Andrews and the anniversary of The Sound of Music.
  • There was a very thought provoking series on the Mother and Daughter relationship with links to a project called Mother in the Mother that I spend a great deal of time reflecting on insofar as my own relationships between my mom and how that impacts my parenting.  If you’re a mom/mum struggling with parenting, go check out that project… its so reassuring and reaffirming.
  • Woman’s Hour turned me on to Raised By Wolves, a new comedy series on Channel 4.  When they mentioned that the girls were homeschooled, I was terrified… scared of how media would be portraying homeschooling in general.  But its actually not that bad.  The series is more about the personalities all living together and coming of age issues set with a nostalgic soundtrack but in modern times.  Anyhow, both my husband and I will be watching Raised By Wolves for the time being as its highly entertaining (love the prepper mum)!
  • There was a report entitled ‘Natural Birth Backlash’, but the report itself exposed that deaths at the maternity unit in Morecambe Bay had little to do with natural birth itself but more to do with a break down in professional relationships between the OBs and Midwives in this obstetrician led care facility.
  • Woman’s Hour has been doing a heartbreaking series on Young Carers– children who have to care for a sibling or an adult and lose a significant part of their childhood in the process.  There are some programs in England for young carers, but personally, I don’t think its nearly enough and I in fact get a little angry each time thinking about it because I think gov’t can do more for these families.  In the very least, better respite support for young carers.

TED Talks wise… this one was very significant to me… I’m the Son of a Terrorist; Here’s How I Chose Peace.  And I’m still processing the TED Talk everyone is talking about, as I only saw it the other day: The Price of Shame.

Cool Stuff from Facebook:

  • PassionPlanner … ooh, nifty  =)
  • (1979) Is Your Child Ready for the 1st Grade?  It seems like I’ve spent a lot of time talking on Facebook this past month about how much the goal posts have changed insofar as expectations of parenting.  Everyone’s heard about the 9 year old taking a subway in New York and his ‘Free Range Parenting’ mom.  There was another article where a mom was taking action when she was receiving threats from CPS because she let her kids walk to and from a playground that’s in line of sight of their home, unsupervised, calling this mom ‘Free Range’.  Everyone knows the US and the UK continue to endorse starting education earlier and earlier, believing that it’ll result in better educated kids (it won’t).  Well, here’s a little something I’ll just leave here for parents (and those who judge parents) to consider.  These were the goal posts when I was growing up, education and independence wise. I will and always will strongly assert that children need to be able to exercise independence and that school starts far too early and the early start not only wastes resources, but threatens to extinguish a child’s natural love of learning.
  • I love the high-five photo on this one.  Finland Schools: Subjects ‘scrapped’ and Replaced with Topics.  I am so pleased to see this coming about.  In researching homeschooling, I looked at several approaches and ways other countries do it and Finland has always come off as the most progressive and forward thinking, hands down.  Now to see them turning to an approach that I have already adopted for my own children’s homeschooling, I feel so justified in it.  All parents, especially those with children in school, should look to this and exercise your ability to influence how your school is teaching your children.  This is the way forward.
  • Kickstarter for a Women in Science Card Game.
  • I love this woman.
  • Here’s a pretty good nutshell summary of Unschooling.  The term actually still scares me a little which is why I often use, Self Directed Learning instead.  I’m still a creature of habit, the result of old institutions.
  • And for those with older kids, a free chat manager that allows parents to audit who their kids are talking to, and how, and includes a tool for disabling their mobile device (muahaha! I FEAST ON THE TEARS OF MY CHILDREN!)

Its been 3 weeks since I looked at all of the things dropped in my Pocket.  Eep!

I tell ya… other parents ask me if its hard finding learning resources for homeschooling… nope.  The hard part is having to fleece through it all and pick out the stand outs.

And In Memoriam, Terry Prachett.  Safe journeys to you!