Prior to formal lessons, the children repotted their bean plants.  Also had the children watch Alphablocks season one, episodes 1-6 and Numberjacks lesson on halves and doubling.  Then tidy up and 20150914_081221chores.

Completed our dailies– date, today, yesterday, tomorrow, recording weather, and the time and talking about feelings.   V talked about feeling poorly with chicken pox.  Both children described themselves as surprised (or rather, they wanted cake and ice cream for a surprise), happy, excited, and cold– so we went and got jumpers on. We read our Goops— this week its Master Bildad and Percy Bingg.

A finished lesson 30 in “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”.  He went on to do his writing exercises on whiteboard and then I’ve had him doing additional copywork on paper with pencil.  20150914_101418

Meanwhile, V worked on her maths– dot to dots and some maths copywork on the whiteboard, which I was very impressed with.  Together we worked through pages 3 & 4 of Igloobooks Let’s Learn 1-2-3 and pages 2 & 3 of age 3 Maths in Lett’s Make it Easy Maths & English.  We returned to Lett’s Make it Easy for age 3 English pages 2 & 3.

I turned to A who asked for maths lessons too, but then he opted to play with lego instead– which at this age and in my book, is a decent stand in for hands on maths.  Though he did write out on the whiteboard 0 to 21, probably spurred on from watching V get praised for her maths copy work.

20150914_100500Before naptime, we read Where the Wild Things Are.

A played on the laptop while V napped.  He was interested in watching Alphablocks again, followed by The Lingo Show.

The children did crafting next.  They selected items from their nature shelf to draw.  V selected a pine cone and A selected an alder cone.  Both drew in their nature journals in markers, though I tried to encourage them to used colored pencils by drawing some purple heather in my nature journal.  The children quickly lost interest though and we went on to our next craft.

We glued seeds from our nature shelf onto card in mosaic designs.  The children love gluing.

Thereafter, we started on our ‘All About Me’ project where I took the children’s height, weight and calculated their exact age in years, months and days.  Then they each pressed their hand and foot print onto their card.

Both kids had a bad case of the wiggles, so I put on BBC Schoo20150914_141536l Radio – Let’s Move – Aesop’s Fables – The Rabbit and the Tortoise.  Then to un
wind and relax the children, we did somesensory play, pouring oatmeal along with acorns, alder cones, silk maple leaves and clay gourds into their tray.  While at play, I read to the children selections from the Usborne Book of the Seasons pg 56 Seeds and from our Childcraft Encyclopedia ‘Life All Around Us’ (Vol 4) pg 24 ‘Where does a plant come from?’ (relating to the seeds in their sensory tray and the growing plants we repotted today) and ‘Poems and Rhymes’ (Vol 1) pgs 54, 60-61, the following poems:

  • Four Seasons by Rowena Bastin Bennett
  • Autumn Fires by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Autumn by Emily Dickinson
  • A Vagabond Song by Bill Carman