Relaxed day for the most part…

I did have everything set up for mommy school today, but the kids hadn’t asked for it as of 2:30pm today.  This morning, I did sit them down to watch the first seven episodes of Alphablocks and then two episodes of Numberjacks while I mopped and meditated.  A was strompy though this morning– his routine entails his sister going to nursery today and when he learned that she would be staying home, he wasn’t happy about it.  His attitude seemed to rub off onto V who seemed keen on winding him up even more.  Though after naps (A didn’t actually sleep, but rested in his room while singing every song he knew), both children’s attitudes are much improved.  They played with the dog all afternoon.

I’m not terribly worried… I think some time spent for learning how to get along together is great for A and V.  Its not like they’re compulsory age.  And then this article was making the rounds so I’m sure we’ll be just fine.