16 September 2015

I20150916_090111 started off the morning with some ‘animal husbandry’ with the dog and the kids, mostly because the kids had a very bad case
of the wiggle that needed sorting out.  We spent most of the rest of the morning baking banana bread together.  They also enjoyed wat20150916_095750ching more Alphblocks and Numberjacks while I got groceries ordered.

At naptime, the children asked for The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.

In the afternoon, I deviated from school plans (again) because V seemed especially keen on doing a craft with glitter glue– since setting up the craft shelves Reggio style so that everything is in reach, V20150916_101357 has reached for the glitter glue just about every single day.  I had a craft in mind for a few weeks down the line for the harvest moon that would have used the glitter glue and I just went ahead and ran that craft today, inspired by Exploring Nature with Children by Lynn Seddon.20150916_153422

Then while A was relaxing downstairs, V insisted on doing some random messy play, pulling out a painting mat with a dinosaur print, a plastic container of rubber bands, another container of bells (saving for Christmas), wooden lolly sticks, letter stamps and plastic squiggly eyes and went on to mix them together on the mat to explore the materials.  On her own initiative, she went on to get some plastic cups and then sorted the materials by what they were.

A was especially proud of the baking today as that was everything he had to talk to his father about that evening.