17 September 2015

Wednesdays and Thursdays are usually my ‘weekend’… not having much of a ‘weekend’ though what with V being off nursery with chicken pox.  It looks like she’ll be able to return on Tuesday.   I’m looking forward to it because while she was a very easy baby, she’s a very stubborn toddler and I know A has been suffering a little bit as I’m not able to focus on him for his reading lessons as I would like.  We’ve not learned to tolerate each other for more than four days in a row and I’m thankful that I have a resource like nursery so that I can give A some undivided time, besides respite for myself.

Children still managed some Alphablocks and Numberjacks while I cooked and cleaned.  Some books came in the mail and I’m looking forward to reading these to the children over the up coming weeks.

Today I did swap out the children’s naptime and bedtime reading.  Inspired by ‘Exploring Nature with Children’ where on Saturday, we’ll be doing our Autumn Equinox walk, the book selections are autumn themed:

  • The Gruffalo – though many save this for Christmas, the setting looks autumn to me.  Plus, the nut was good, tying more to ‘seeds’ and preparing for winter.
  • A Seed is Sleepy – I was late in sourcing this book for Seeds week on ‘Exploring Nature with Children’ but its too beautiful of a book suggestion to not include, even if late.  It was among the books delivered yesterday.
  • Where the Wild Things Are – though the story isn’t really themed to a season, the colors always remind me of autumn and its a favorite classic in our home.
  • Guess How Much I Love You: All Year Around [Autumn Chapter] – I’m reading just the autumn chapter that has nice seasonal illustrations.
  • The Best Gift of All – a library book selection with a heartwarming story, clearly set in fall, including some of the children’s favorite woodland animals doing typical fall behaviors.

We’ll be continuing with the same non-fiction selections as before.  (See last Monday)

Then I’ve included in their Daily Reflections books some autumn vocabulary.  Using woodland friends and autumn stickers, I made up some sheets labelled with animals and types of leaves to name.

I selected this poem as well:

When do Autumn begin?

How do we know when autumn’s here?
Here are the signs that autumn’s near:

Sleepy birds will fly away
And not return ‘til warmer days.

Leaves will change from green to red
And start to fall around your head.

Conkers grow on Horse chestnut trees
A cold wind blows around your knees.

Animals are safe and sound
In burrows hidden underground.

Woolly hats and scarves appear
Bonfire night is drawing near.

The clearest sign that summer’s lost
Is autumn’s first white, crunchy frost.

Autumn starts with many things
Robins, fireworks, harvest hymns.

How do we know when autumn’s near?
All these things says that autumn’s here!

… and of course updated Goops!  I’ll elaborate more on the children’s Daily Reflections Book when I have a bit more time.