18 September 2015

20150918_101106Quick run down of the day:

  • Alphablocks and Numberjacks
  • BBC School Radio’s Let’s Move The Tortoise and Hare
  • Coloring pages of autumn leaves and drawing on their wall collage
  • V played with blocks and made some interesting patterns without prompting
  • Lots of play in the playroom
  • Read A Seed is Sleeping before naptime
  • In the afternoon, made some leaf prints with our leaf stamps

20150918_101149And I’ll take a few minutes to talk about the Daily Reflections Books.  Basically its a display book, one for each child, that has quick summary worksheets of things that they’re currently focusing on in their learning.  It also includes poetry and the Goops for the week as well.

For V, she has a copy of the alphabet, her numbers from 0 to 20, shapes and colors besides poetry, Goops, and autumn vocabulary.

20150918_100756For A, he has his current word bank (where Dolch Sight Words intersect with words he’s sounded out in “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”)
, some print outs from Twinkl for helping him understand spatial relationships (above, over, in between, etc), his phonics alphabet, shapes where he tells number of sides and corners, and then his poetry, Goops and autumn vocabulary.

We go through this nightly prior to reading bedtime stories.