20 September 2015

I’ve totally fallen off the wagon with Nature Walks over the weekend, but if the weather holds, perhaps we’ll do a picnic in the park tomorrow and enjoy Fall.

The children watched as I crushed some star annise in a mortar and pestle while putting together a pumpkin spice mix that I plan to enjoy in coffee later this week.  We had a lazy morning before they went off to their grandparents, but we watched some episodes of NumberJacks, covering doubling & halving and shifting shapes around where their area still remains the same.

I’ve been discussing with my husband the children coming with us for Empire LARP next year.  We feel that both children are now old enough to attend since V is no longer sticking anything she can get her hands on in her mouth.  Part of the conversation came up while I was using my mortar and pestle and some crafting ideas that I had around that which would be appropriate for the game.  The children were asking lots of questions about all of the spices that I let them smell and taste.

I’ve spent most of the day getting re-acquainted with articles on how to camp with small children at events like those.  One thing I really appreciate is that the producers of Empire LARP came up with The Academy, which has activities for children, themed within their game, teaching kids about role playing, treating others responsibly, crafts and fighting (and fair play, good sportsmanship, etc).  Children enroll and go at their own pace, eventually earning citizenship in the game world and a good deal of responsibility.  I think it could be a very good experience for our family as well as a great way to interest the kids in histories that fuel the imagination of players in the game.