21 September 2015

Our nature walk didn’t pan out as I liked as it rained all morning and the sun didn’t appear until late in the afternoon (and I dislike taking the children across our busy street when traffic picks up after 3).

The children spent some time watching random Numberjacks… there’s a preference for the episode with ‘The Number Taker’ … I think they like the villains especially.  They also helped a bit with chores as I tried to start putting the house together after a number of weeks with both children at home.  They clearly learned much from when I showed them how I wanted their toys in the playroom sorted.  They spent a great deal of time re-enacting Numberjacks episodes with their various toys that had numbers on them.

In the afternoon, A spent some time on jigsaw puzzles while his sister watched.  Since the puzzles are Dr Seuss themed, A has taken a renewed interest in Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham, noticing that he can read the words himself.

V and I also spent some girlie time while she watched me fix my hair and apply make up for an evening out with my friend.  She learned about various hairclips and of course this was a novelty since I’m not one of those who makes herself up every day.