23rd – 28th September 2015

23rd September (Wednesday) – A was struck with chicken pox, so we took the day ‘off’.20150928_084235

24th September (Thursday) – my day ‘off’

25th September (Friday)

V – Completed pgs 6-

7 Lett’s Make it Easy Math; pgs 6&7 Lett’s Make it Easy English; Pg 1 Lett’s Monster Math Practice; Lessons 3 & 4 Let’s Learn 1-2-3.  V continues doing very well with her counting; She impressed me with her accuracy in identifying the ‘odd one out’ in sets; she quickly differentiated between sorting things by size versus sorting things by color.  V enjoys tracing over shapes although she is not as keen on tracing over letters.  V also has a keen sense of spatial relationships ‘under’, ‘over’ ‘on’ and ‘in front of’.

A – Started Lesson 32 of ‘Teach Your Child to Read…’ but he didn’t have the patience to finish.  I wasn’t keen on pushing him since he wasn’t feeling so well.

26th S20150928_101330eptember (Saturday)

V – Completed part of page 8 Lett’s Make it Easy Math; Pg 2 Lett’s Monster Math Practice; Lessons 5 & 6 Let’s Learn 1-2-3.  V continues to do well with counting; V struggled with spotting the differences between two pictures and this seemed to me a developmental limitation so I will wait a few months before revisiting again.

A – Completed pgs 2-3 Lett’s Make it Easy Math; part of page 2 Lett’s Make it Easy English; Previously, A struggled with sorting items in sets either by color or by size but now seems to grasp this; A also has a good understanding of dissimilar things that go together as they have a relationship and identifying what those relationship are; A found matching pairs very easy.  A struggled to sit through writing out letters.  Overall, I don’t expect him to do writing lines of letters until age 6 at the earliest, but any he volunteers is happily accepted.  I may skip the writing sections and focus on making sounds from that particular workbook.

27th September (Sunday)

The children opted for free play for most of the day.

28th September (Monday)20150928_111138

I woke A at 3:30 in the morning so that we could watch the Supermoon (Harvest Moon) Lunar Eclipse together and I answered his questions about what was happening.  We dozed through the eclipse coming to conclusion, rousing about every 20 minutes to observe how much of the moon had returned.

The children spent the morning doing a few sensory related crafts.  First, we made Moon Sand.  Then we painted Supermoon (Harvest Moon) with Puffy Paint.  And then we decided to make Autumn Wreaths.  The children opted for spending the afternoon in the playroom in free play.  I could hear A replaying things he had seen on Numberjacks and his sister playing right along.

We also read together Mouse and the Moon By M Chrinstina Butler and Tina McNaughton and that evening, my husband read A Possum’s Harvest Moon.