30th September 2015

Library trip!


Seasons: Autumn by Kay Barnham
A Nature Walk in the Woods
Ten Seeds by Ruth Brown
The Best Gift of All by Jonathan Emmett
Mouse and the Moon By M Chrinstina Butler and Tina McNaughton


Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper
Autumn by Kay Barnham


Life in a Tree by Clare Oliver
Alfie Weather by Shirley Hughes
Delicious by Helen Cooper
We Love Harvest by Honor Head
Diwali by Katie Dicker
Usborne Book of Halloween Activities

I realize now that I had the date for Diwali wrong as I’ve only had one Diwali experience back in the US when I was a little girl (about 8 or 9) and invited to go to a festival by my best friend.  I knew it was New Years for my friend but otherwise hadn’t heard about it and I think it makes a nice break from falling leaves, animals hibernating, jack o lanterns.

Also while there, A read aloud to me three Biff, Chip and Kipper books.  He’s never keen on bringing these home with him, but he likes going over the words with me while we’re at the library.  Our first library visit, he wasn’t at all interested in reading them.  Second visit, he read one.  This visit three.  I think he’s realizing how many words he really knows… even today, I noticed him reading words off of the side of boxes and labels.