Oct 1 – 6 2015

1st October 2015 (Thursday)

This was my ‘day off’.  Even so, I had A spend some time playing games on Reading Eggs and on the CBeebies website.  He also played with Lego and building blocks besides free play in the playroom.  I had to take the marble run off of A because I caught him putting the marbles into his mouth, which I’d expect from V but not from A.  So he’s grounded from the marble run for the time being.  My husband is considering going down into his parent’s cellar to dig out his old Lego set for A.

2nd October 2015 (Friday)

V – We continued with Letts Make it Easy Maths, pgs 8-9 where she completed tasks around identifying patterns and then matching different items by color.  On to Letts Make it Easy English, pgs 8-9, V studied doing things in the right order and discovering sequential order of events.  She also had an activity where she needed to identify the ‘n’ sounds in words, but that seemed too advanced for her.  V also completed pgs 7 & 8 of Let’s Learn 1-2-3 as well as pg 4 Lett’s Monster Practice Numbers.

A – Practiced tracing over dotted lines in Lett’s Make it Easy Maths, pags 4-5 as well as matching shapes to the shadow that they would make and identifying the odd one out of each row.  I tried to encourage A to complete the writing practice in Lett’s Make it Easy English, pg 2, but he’s simply not interested in writing for practice.

3rd October 2015 (Saturday)

My original plan was to go on a Nature Walk and examine leaves, revisiting our tree in our nature spot.  However, we ended up going to Ikea instead as V needed a new bed to try to encourage a better bedtime routine and reduce her waking overnight.  While there, we talked about the different types of furniture and designs.  A picked out a stuffed toy cloud that he now takes everywhere with him, playing out the rain.  V seems very pleased with her new much larger bed.  I also got a circular rug for circle time.  While in the parking lot of Ikea, I noticed some pine trees which had dropped loads of nearly perfect pine cones, so I grabbed a bag and gathered these up.  They’ve been included in the children’s nature shelf and they spent the better part of the afternoon exploring them.

Both my husband and I have been taking an interest in ‘Hygge’ and using it to make our home cozier and to start some family traditions around it.  We’ve extended the children’s bedtimes from 6:30pm to 7:30pm and also allow them now to stay up late on Saturday to watch Strictly Come Dancing and Dr. Who, though this past weekend, Dr. Who started way too late for the little ones.

4th October 2015 (Sunday)

We had a relaxed morning as the children were going early to visit their grandparents for the day.  V told me how she had talked with her grandmother about Strictly Come Dancing (her grandmother’s favorite show).

5th October 2015 (Monday)

While A was still napping, I spent some time with V on some ‘homework’ she brought home from nursery.  The activity revolved around a set of 6 balls, two ‘spiky’ plastic ones; two wooden ones; and two cloth ones.  We talked about their different sizes, colors, weights and the noise each made when rolled on my floor.  V went on to incorporate them into play.

Both children spent a great deal of time in free play in the playroom.  We also had a sort and tidy up.

6th October 2015 (Tuesday)

Observed A writing letters on his duplos for phonics sounds that he had learned in our formal reading lessons.  I already had some letters written on the duplo, spelling out his and his sister’s names, but obviously was missing /th/ so he took it upon himself to remedy that and identify the other sounds he knew for which I didn’t have letters written on the duplo blocks for.  I also went to observe him at free play, curious about how his imagination was expressing himself, but he seemed embarrassed– indeed, I remember my free play as a child and enjoying my time and my space without any prying eyes.  Its still early in the day, not even lunch time yet, so perhaps there will be more to add later.