Housekeeping – Where we’re up to

A has been chugging along with his reading lessons and we’re half way through the program as of today– lesson 50.  He’s learning sounds now not only for the first letter of each word, but also sounds found later in words– such as /ar/ in car, tar, far, etc.  He’s also identifying punctuation– periods, quotation marks, commas and question marks to date.

I tried him again on MEP alongside of his sister, and he’s still not enjoying it at all.  We both got frustrated with MEP, though and I think he remembers that frustration and is resistant to try again, even if its to correct his little sister.  And then he’s simply not interested in any of the workbooks I purchased… which is okay, they may still see some use in his sister’s practice later.  I also tried him on Mathseeds worksheets and even on doing Khan Academy together.  The Mathseeds, he’s not interested; Khan Academy, he doesn’t like having to watch instruction videos and seems like he wants to just guess the answer until he’s right (sort of like what he was doing for identifying words at the start of his reading lessons).

I know what maths programs I’d like for him to be on, but I don’t want to spend money until I know we have something he wants to do and at this time, he’s not keen on any book work outside of his reading lessons.  So I think I need a sit down to look over MEP or one of the other systems one more time and see how I can sneak in maths with manipulatives and games and check off the skills as I feel he’s mastered them.

By comparison, V is happy to do workbooks and worksheets.  Today she finished Lett’s Make it Easy English page 17, a week ahead what I originally scheduled, mostly because pages 14, 15, & 16 seemed too advanced for me to do with her without a complete lesson and extensions– rather than just identifying where she is at on skills and completing items she is already competent in.  With Lett’s Math, she finished pg 16.  With Lett’s Monster Math Practice, she completed pages 11 & 12.  And with Let’s Learn 1-2-3, she completed page 11.  We’re doing 1 to 2 pages per workbook per week for now.

I also tried doing a push with reading, but I think it was too pushy.  We did manage to read:

  • Peppa Pig Nature Trail – Ladybird Read It Yourself Series
  • The Ugly Duckling – Ladybird Read It Yourself Series
  • The Wind in the Willows – retold by Lesley Sims
  • The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck – Ladybird Read it Yourself Series

And many many others books that I hadn’t made time to write in my notes, which I need to be more disciplined with.

Our Exploring Nature with Children nature study’s been a bit of a disaster lately.  I had originally planned it so that we’re going on our nature walks on Saturdays, so that we can all go as a family.  However, be it chicken pox, or V needing a new bed, or birthday parties, or bad weather, or my husband having something work related after hours to do, I’ve struggled to keep to the plan.  Last weekend for example, I wanted to do our pumpkin study and visit a pumpkin patch only to learn that they’d run out of pumpkins.  So sparing the kids from disappointment, we went to the local ASDA to pick out pumpkins that I’ve not made time to decorate yet.  This weekend is meant to be Fungus, but we’re all covered up in Halloween and V’s birthday activities.  I still try to introduce things weekly related to the subject so that the kids are getting some exposure, but the key point with getting everyone out into nature just hasn’t been what I envisioned.

Then I have a great weather unit that I created that I hoped would be up A’s alley and its not at all.  So its kind of like getting kicked in the stomach at the moment.

Then again, its just reception and preschool so I do have some breathing room to continue trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  Plus there’s some new things to account for that is slowly getting added to the mix.