Diagnosis Journey

SALT not worth its weight?

I’ve been having to chase up some things with Speech and Language Therapy.  It started yesterday when I wrote to the Community Paed Secretary to make a correction on the doctor’s report, from my son’s appointment on Tuesday 2nd Feb.  The doctor must have misunderstood when I said that my son had his first SALT assessment on Friday 5th Feb, and wrote in the report that my son was receiving regular speech therapy on Fridays.

So I phoned Community Paed Secretary to see how to correct it and she asked me to email her.  So I emailed her the correction, that my son wasn’t receiving regular speech therapy on Fridays, that rather, his SALT Assessment was on Friday 5th Feb.

The Community Paed Secretary emailed me back, asking if he needed a SALT referral because the Community Paed thought that he needed speech therapy.

I replied, explaining in greater detail that he had his SALT Assessment and that the speech therapist said that he had a global delay, what with both his pronunciation and his vocabulary being delayed, and that there was not much more she could do for him that we weren’t doing already.  I wrote about how the speech therapist told us to buy a book and if I had any questions, I could set up an appointment with her as she was there to support me in supporting my son.  I went on to say how underwhelmed I was with that response, as I had expected that he would be signed up for speech therapy, but that instead I guess we would have to DIY and hope for the best.

I went on to ask if they had received the report from the speech therapist, as all of this should be detailed in the report.  The Community Paed Secretary said that they had not received the report and asked if I would contact the speech therapist and ask her to mail it to them.

So I phoned the Speech and Language Therapy office and had to leave a voicemail.  A different secretary from the Speech and Language Therapy office phoned back to tell me that they had everything at hand and that the report was being finalized and would be mailed as soon as possible.  I asked her what day I could follow up.  She sounded a bit panicked and told me that she didn’t know when the report would be completed, but that it would and that it would be mailed on.

Obviously, its worrisome that she couldn’t anticipate a follow up date for getting the report in.  So, I’ll be following up on this again next week.