Diagnosis Journey

More SALT Difficulties

So I received my son’s report from Speech and Language Therapy either on Friday or Saturday.

I saw a couple of corrections needed to be made.  Namely, the Speech Therapist said in her report that my son was being “Home Schooled” rather than “Home Educated”.  In England, the distinction is important because “Home Schooled” implies that the Local Authority is providing a tutor for my son’s needs, which clearly they don’t.

The other correction that was needed was more worrisome.  The book she said that she recommended in the report was different from the book she recommended during our meeting.  During our meeting, she said he needed Early Language Builders, a green workbook.  The report showed Language Builders (which is a yellow workbook).

It gets better.  I went to their website to get their phone number so that I could call and make the request for changes.  I found where I had read previously under a section called “What Families can expect from Speech and Language Therapy” … things like:

  • To be fully involved in the development of a management plan for your child
  • That the plan will contain clear measurable goals and expected outcomes
  • That the goals will link to communication strategies for families and others to implement on a daily basis

A plan?  I should have gotten a plan?  With measurable goals even?

So of course I phoned.  Got through to voicemail.  I outlined in the voicemail the corrections that I needed and that I wanted to talk to her about making up an actionable plan for my son’s speech therapy.  In the meantime, the Community Paed Secretary emailed me to let me know that they had gotten the Speech & Language Therapist’s report.  I asked her if she happened to have their email address because I was requesting corrections and could only get through to voicemail.  She said that they often leave their office un-manned and that I should get a phone call back in about a day.

The Speech Therapist phoned after 5pm.  I outlined what I needed (again), got her email address and she did balk at me asking for some sort of matrix where we could set and track goals for my son.

Her: “What do you want me to do?” (just like in our meeting on the 5th Feb 2016)

Me: “I want… a matrix with measurable goals that we can track to, with expected outcomes where if something is not working, we know what to switch to for better intervention.”

I was pretty shocked– I read straight from the website, what I wanted.  She said that she would have to interface with her supervisor to provide that and that it would take her about 2 weeks before she would get to talk to her supervisor.  I told her I’d be glad to hear from her supervisor and that this is worth waiting for.

Also, I ended up buying the book recommended in the report as the Speech Therapist now believes my son’s level is somewhere in between Early Language Builders and Language Builders.  I asked her to correct the report to reflect both books as well.

Sent the email to back up our phone conversation the next day (yesterday).  I said in the email that if providing the matrix was above and beyond her normal job duties, then we needed to contact Bridgewater NHS so that they could adjust their website as not to give parents false hopes or expectations.  /sigh