Diagnosis Journey

SALT Came Through, for now…

I got a phone call back from the Speech and Language Therapist on Friday 26th February.  And surprise, surprise, she had not only talked with her supervisor, but also was putting in the mail an updated report with the corrections I requested and was going to include a Speech and Language Therapy Plan for me to follow.

I received the package on Tuesday.  The corrected report looks fine.  I had some difficulty going through the plan, but not because of the plan itself… it is presented simply with short term goals and long term goals, with references to the books that were recommended.  But probably more to do with still… grieving a bit.

Wanting to fight, wanting to cry, wanting to be angry and not being ready to just put up, cope, and find the way through.  I agonized over having to do it all on Tuesday.  Then Wednesday.

Finally, Wednesday night, I posted to one of my parent support groups and asked them to kick me in the butt.  I had gone fighting for this plan and then couldn’t face up to carrying it out.  Could someone please help me get my head out of my butt and get me to face up to it?

They had some supportive advice.  All of which I had heard before, but needed to hear again.

  • Yes, it does get overwhelming at times.
  • Break it down.
  • Take breaks as needed.
  • Vent to the support network without fearing judgement.
  • Early days always feel horrible, like a curse.
  • Try to step back and look at the bigger picture.
  • Play to your and your child’s strengths while chipping away steadily at weaknesses.
  • Recognize that while I may not always have the keys to unlock all of the doors, be observant and look for the patterns that get the tumblers started.

And two books were recommended as well:  The Out of Sync Child and The Out of Sync Child Has Fun.  I’ve put these on order for the time being, as I was still struggling with identifying solutions to SPD (Sensory Processing Disorders) issues as well.

Sometimes I see the path clearly.  Other times, I feel like I’m the blind leading the blind.  Its nothing new, but its new to me.  And I need to cut myself a break.  Even though I wish I had all of the reading done days, even weeks ago, it’s not easy when it’s your child.  I have to put aside my own personal baggage to get on with it.  And I’m having to shift curriculum again to meet more immediate needs that will have long term better outcome for all aspects of my son’s learning.  It’s all new material to me that a month ago, I couldn’t have anticipated doing.  So breath.  Cut myself a break.  Be like the willow and stretch to adapt and learn and grow. (this is me coaching myself)


And on the bright side, I got some reading and learning done for myself.  Its slower going than I’d like.  It’s still very dry reading and I’m having to do a lot of cross referencing online to try to find where others have illustrated the content a bit better than what Elklan pulls off.  I’m getting there though.  I found some cross referenced ideas in The Communication Cookbook (no need to buy it when you can download it).  Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust also had a quick PDF of activities to help develop attention and listening.  Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust also had the material broken out in a way that was easier for me to understand along with extension activities.

I’m considering talking to a neighbor friend of mine who has a son who’s having some Speech and Language Therapy as well to see if she wants to team up on language building activities during play groups together.  We have also started going to a new play group on Saturday mornings, also with the same neighbor, so I might see if the person who manages that play group would be interested in building activities around some of these key skills as well.  Then I won’t feel so alone in tackling all of this.